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Making a Place to Know Jesus, Serve Others, Share Life, and Disciple Others

This is our central hub of information regarding our plan to upgrade our facility so it is right-sized and ready for future growth. This endeavor is dependent on a foundation of prayer coupled with the financial support of those who feel led to give towards this project.

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Additional Info

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you have any additional questions, call the Church Office (307-635-2977) or send them to us:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What changes will we be making?
We are seeking to right-size our facility in order to meet current ministry needs as well as position us for future growth. This initiative will address three areas:

First, our Calvary Kids area is undersized, unsecured, and dispersed throughout the building and without dedicated restrooms for children. With the new design, the Calvary Kids area will now be a secure area with a centralized check-in and exclusive restrooms for children.

Next, our fellowship area does not accommodate the needs of our current church size which greatly hampers our ability to gather and connect in both formal and informal ways. Our designs include a central entrance and a greatly expanded lobby that will improve way-finding and provide an area for fellowship between services. As a bonus, this area will also double as an open gathering space for more formal events.

Lastly, our pastors and administrative staff are sharing offices which are spread throughout the building, and are using spaces, such as storage closets, not designed to be used as offices. The expansion of our administration area will allow for the right number of offices to be located in one area.

2. What is the amount needing to be raised?
We are praying that we raise $1.5 million which is one-third of the estimated cost of the project.

3. Does the church already have any money set aside for this project?
Yes, Calvary Chapel has been saving a monthly amount since August 2020. Additionally, funds form the sale of the Harriman Retreat Center in November 2019 were set aside for this project.

4. How did we get to the point of deciding we need to upgrade our facility?
We contacted Brown Church Development in September of 2019 seeking a master facilities plan. As part of that process, we completed a Growth Positioning System (GPS) study with Brown in March 2020. Their assessment determined that as a church we are above average in organizational health according to eight key characteristics of growing churches. We are also in good shape financially and strategically, possessing a stable financial base and a level of giving that is higher than the national average. However, their assessment also revealed that overall our facility is between 25-45% undersized to meet our current ministry needs, resulting in a score of "D" and allowing no room for growth.

5. What has been the process so far?
Teams were formed to complete the GPS, the building plans, and fundraising materials. Many designs were considered and reworked over and over. As a result of that process, we believe we have developed a design that will right-size our facility and position us for future growth.

6. Will there be an outdoor and indoor play area, and will kids have to trek to the playground?
There is an outdoor play area in the proposed design as well as indoor assembly areas that could be used for play areas as well. The current playground (potentially relocating it) has not been addressed.

7. Will there be a Calvary Youth active game area?
Not specifically, however there may be areas that are available for their use.

8. Will the kitchen have an oven and a stove?
The current plans have not been refined enough to address the inclusion of specific appliances, however, we would like there to be a least a warming oven, if possible.

9. Will there be an area for outdoor seating?
The L-shaped, outdoor area between the Calvary Kids addition and the main entrance may be designed as a patio area where outdoor seating could be included.

10. Will there be storage for the ministries of the church?
Over the administration area there should be an area that can be used for storage, however, the access point has not yet been established.

11. Will all the hallways in the remodeled section and new addition be ADA compliant?

12. Could volunteers help?
We will prayerfully consider that request.

13. Will the remaining $3 million be funded through a loan?
As a church, we will continue to save the $12,000 per month we have currently been saving towards a building payment, continue to accept donations, and secure a loan for the remaining needed funds.

14. Where do I get more information?
Feel free to contact the Church Office (307-635-3977) Monday through Thursday between 9am-5pm. You may also email questions to And, this page ( will always be a good place to stay up-to-date on this project's progress.