August 9-13th

Vacation Bible School is back this summer! 

Plan on joining us for our Mystery Island VBS, a week packed with fun activities to help kids connect the Bible to the real world they live in, giving kids a better understanding of our

awe-inspiring Creator and the salvation He offers through Jesus Christ! 

So grab your sunscreen and get ready for a taste of paradise as we track down the one true God at Mystery Island!

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-12:00pm  --  For kids in grades 1st-6th grade.

To register, click the link below.

Email Glennda Schmidt or call (307-635-2977) for more information.


serve & be part of the fun!

We still have a number of specific areas where we could use help to support this year's Vacation Bible School. 

Here are some of the roles we need filled:

- Group leader: 4th grade

- Group leader: 5th/6th grade

- Registration table worker

- Set-up on Sunday, Aug 8

- Tear-down on Saturday, Aug 14

yes, I'd like to help!

help us pray!

Join us as we lay a foundation of prayer for this year's Mystery Island VBS. Download this daily prayer guide which lists a daily prayer topic for each day leading up to VBS. 

Your faithful prayers will help kids come to KNOW JESUS!

VBS daily prayer guide