We hope you will join us this Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

This will be a time of joyful worship and heartfelt encouragement from God's Word.

Service Times:

1pm | 3pm | 5pm

Nursery & Toddler classes will be available at each service, 

however no Calvary Kids Preschool through 6th grade classes will be offered so that families may enjoy the services together.

Click the links below to get directions or to watch online.

i've heard the good news, now what?

God wants us all to take a next step with Him. No matter where you are at spiritually, He invites you to experience something new so that you will grow closer to Him.

Here are some next steps you are invited to take with Him:

Know Jesus

God wants us all to know and follow His Son, Jesus. 

At Calvary Chapel Cheyenne we seek to glorify God at each of our weekly services. We engage in heartfelt worship and verse-by-verse Bible teaching all in a casual and relaxed environment. We invite you to join us either in person, by viewing our video live stream, listening to a teaching archive, or catching podcasts

As you listen to the teaching of God's Word, we pray you will want to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Making this confession of faith is simple and will change your life. If you make this decision we'd love to hear from you so we can celebrate with you and encourage you in your new faith in Jesus!

After a confession of faith, baptism is the next step in the life of a believer and is an outward expression of your trust in Jesus as your Lord. To learn more about baptism, or to request to be baptized connect with us here.

To listen to the KNOW JESUS teaching click here.


God desires that we serve others.

We have all been given gifts, talents, and opportunities to serve others as a way of demonstrating our love for God and one another. 

Our first sphere of influence is in our home where we can minister to our family and friends. There are also many opportunities to change lives within Calvary Chapel Cheyenne by using your time and abilities to volunteer in the church. As we look beyond the doors of our home and church, we are able to join God in His work out in the world, through missions. Whether locally or abroad, there are multiple ways to get involved with outreaches of Calvary Chapel Cheyenne. 

Whatever your area of giftedness, find a way to serve others today.

To listen to the SERVE OTHERS teaching click here.


God wants us to share life with others. 

Sharing life with one another is foundational to your journey with Jesus. The Bible is clear that we are to fellowship with other Christians so that we may encourage and be encouraged. Participating in a Life Group, a Bible Study, or other ministry group are all good ways to engage with other believers. It can even be as simple as sharing a meal with others after church or during the week.

Sharing life with others in prayer is another powerful way to build up one another and tap into the power of our living God. There are several ways to do this. If you have a prayer need we encourage you to submit a prayer request so that our team of prayer warriors can lift up your need. You are also encouraged to attend our weekly prayer meeting, an intimate time of corporate prayer for our church, our world, and one another. And for our ladies, our Moms In Prayer group also meets weekly. Finally, simply praying with others at any time and in any place is a perfect way to share life-giving encouragement.

To listen to the SHARE LIFE teaching click here.


We want you to be disciples who are intentionally maturing in your obedience to Jesus Christ as you study the Word, be accountable, and duplicate by making other disciples.

Discipleship is defined as disciples who intentionally equip other disciples to be obedient to the commands of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and accountable relationships. This is practically accomplished through the regular meeting of small groups of 3-5 believers for 12-18 months for the purpose of equipping, learning, prayer, and accountability. 

To listen to the DISCIPLE OTHERS teaching click here.