share life IN groups, in meals, and in prayer

Sharing life with one another is foundational to your journey with Jesus. The Bible is clear that we are to fellowship with other Christians so that we may encourage and be encouraged. Participating in a small group Bible study, home fellowship, or other small group are all good ways to engage with other believers. It can even be as simple as sharing a meal with others after church or during the week.

Sharing life with others in prayer is another powerful way to build up one another and tap into the power of our living God. There are several ways to do this. If you have a prayer need we encourage you to submit a prayer request so that our team of prayer warriors can lift up your need. You are also encouraged to attend our weekly prayer meeting, an intimate time of corporate prayer for our church, our world, and one another. And for our ladies, our Moms In Prayer group also meets weekly. Finally, simply praying with others at any time and in any place is a perfect way to share life-giving encouragement.

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